Monday, 30 August 2010

Why leaving your house is beneficial

In an attempt to reach out to his specifically targetted audience (I.e internet users) Mr.Character constantly looks for ways to create content that is relevant to his users. thats whys today's blog post is aimed at getting basement dwellers outside by providing them with a list of reasons why such activities are actually good for them.

1) People live outside. People are useful as they can be used to attain goods and services. Without knowing people you cannot get stuff. (how do you think you bought your pc in the first place?) Going outisde can also help you get more monies. And everyone needs more monies.

2)Sexy people of the opposite gender - yep, thats right, this point only comes 2nd to goods and services. Your not gonna get laid if you spend all your time behind your computer. Get out more fag.

3)Vitamin E - you get it from the sun. Without it you die. 'Nuff said. It also makes you a lot happier, apparantly.

4)Theres only one way your ever gonna get noticed - and its definately not by staying in all day. Actually do something with your life. When you die you need to make sure you leave behind a huge legacy, the more people that know you, the greater the potential of said legacy. Dream big. Live big.

5)I actually can't think of anymore reasons and to be completely honest, leaving your house is overrated anyway. It's not like you were gonna get anywhere anyway. I shall leave you now with a little picture that summarises our lesson today:


  1. But how do i own n00bs and get headshots in RL?

  2. I tried your guide, but I got lost and couldn't find the outside. went back to playing tf2.

  3. lol..harsh, but humorous at the same time. i like it.