Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Taking advantage of procrastination

It happens to the best of us. Those times where there really is fuck all to do. For whatever reason, it may be too late to do anything productive, you're waiting around or quite simply you have nothing to do. But WHAT tools are in your arsenal to deal with that ever-present demon that is procrastination? Well, Mr.Character explains.

Getting straight down to business, YOU, dear reader, have at your disposal EVERY manner of weponary you could ever need to combat procrastination. Here is your guide:
* Waste all of your hardearned time doing those online surveys offering you money!!! - You do realise that you, nor anyone else in your situation, has or will make money off of these things? Jesus chrrrrrrrrist, don't do this if you actually wanna make serious p. If you want to make money, a better idea would be to play the lottery, at least there's some chance you'll win. Although, if you want to sit around and answer the same questions x amount of times waiting to get a hint of someone giving you anything for your hard work, be my guest.

* Push ups - Do them motherfucker. Got nothing to do? don't stuff your damn face with food. Do just a few push ups at a time and soon you'll know the difference, seriously.

* Make a list of all the people you hate and then decide on creative and graphic methods of killing them in your mind. Not quite the most psychologically safe thing to do.... But y'know.

* Write songs, play an instrument, poetry, writing, whatever. These enhance your mental capacity and something may be actually worthwhile and you'll feel proud of yourself. If not, congratulations!! Time wasted sucessfully.

* Drink beer. Need i say more?

* I simply refuse to mention a certain book about faces... But yes, that does waste your time well. But you won't notice. Kinda good for wasting your time with other people who have nothing better to do than waste some more time.

* Write a list about things you should do when your procrastinating.... Or maybe thats just me....

Like the common cold, there is no permanent cure to procrastination, but like drugs, it can be controlled. So try and keep your head cool and stay safe everyone!!!!!
Mr.Character off in this!!!!!

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