Monday, 13 June 2011

What to do if you get stranded

Okay heres the scenario: You and a handful of friends embarked on a train journey to somewhere pretty damn far away, say a 1 hour train ride, in order to go to a mutual friend's birthday party. The party ends, you go to the station and BANG! You have all successfully managed to miss the very last train of the night.
None of you have more than £5 (or whatever currency) In change in your pockets, with no other means of getting home. What do you do? Here Mr.Character explains all the need-to-know survival skills necessary to get out cold

*Don't wait at the train station - Why? Well, for a number of obvious reasons really
           1) They're not exactly the safest of places, you're in a confined location in a strange place inevitably nodding off. You're basicly asking for a robbing
           2) You'll get colder faster, obviously, movement is key
           3) It'll take longer to actually get home (probably....) time is money
           4) It's boring - have an adventure!!!!!
           5) The train station has no booze.

*ALWAYS have at least some money saved up for booze, but not too much. Walking along for hours on end will be frustrating, your feet will hurt and other moaning individuals really won't help. Have a little bit of alcohol money around just in case. Also, if there are no shops that serve alcohol that late, the promise of alcohol to come from the service station several miles away will definately have your pals walking at a significantly increased rate. Do it.

* Motorways are your friends. Now, it might not be the safest thing to walk along a motorway at night, but seriously. That one direct route with plenty of roadsigns to show you where you're going? Service stations along the way? If you can all walk in single file along these miracles of modern innovation, then you're trip will be eased significantly. AND you probably won't die. Probably.

*Stop at service stations - these are few and far between. So have some food, take a bit of rest, but don't stop altogether. As you may as well have just stayed at the station. about 20 minutes is a good idea.

*Sing songs, tell stories, do anything to pass time. If you make it memorable, it becomes memories, and this unbeknownst adventure becomes something your small group can share in thier friendship for years to come. If it was a petty bitchfest, its not fun. Leave the arguments, take the group singalongs.

*If you REALLY need to get out. Hitch-hiking in a random strangers car is not the most sensible of ideas. if you can find a police officer though, jackpot. Pester them to give you a lift down the motorway and suddenly your trek has become a lot less treacherous.

All-in-all by staying focused, keeping a collective group effort and remaining cheerful, you can turn what looks to be like a hellish situation into a lifetime memory. Good Luck..
Mr.Character out.

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