Monday, 13 June 2011

What exactly just happened?

Trees sway through the wind, sometimes crashing down to the ground by the same kind of force used to send many a sailor to thier peril on the harsh oceans. Seasons change from one to another with merely a bat of an eyelid from many of mother natures impressive biological spectators.

So too, does the time come when Mr.Character returns from a seemingly eternal slumber, during which this page was left to fester in the dying realms of cyber space.
But alas, with all the power of an almighty phoenix arising from dead ashes, Mr.Character has considered this the perfect time to return to the world of blogging and teaching all of you, very loyal readers, how to enhance your life in a perfectly humourous manner:

Hello everyone!!!!! I know its been a while, but now i am ready to make my glorious return and this time round i hope to provide you with a more interesting, witty and resourceful read to hopefully improve you, if just that slightly little bit.

The experiences i have encountered on my hiatus will no doubt be central to some of my new guides and lists. Like a fine cheese, i have matured into something even better.

So i do hope you are looking forward to hearing more from me, and i certainly can't wait to see your replies. If you have any suggestions about situations you'd like to see, or you'd just like to say hi (I like interaction) Please pop in with a comment

Anyways, whilst i get to work, have a nice picture of a camel silencing a small child


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